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Description of Quick Search Widget

Quick Search is a


App for searching the web easily. It gives you quick shortcuts to various websites and apps, and it includes a

- similar to the Google Search Bar widget.

🔸 Google

🔸 Yahoo

🔸 Bing

🔸 Wikipedia

🔸 Google Images

🔸 DuckDuckGo

🔸 Weather Forecast

🔸 Twitter

🔸 Google Maps

🔸 Google Play Store

🔸 Google News (all languages/countries)

🔸 YouTube

🔸 Amazon (many countries supported)

🔸 eBay (many countries supported)

🔸 For Latin-American users: MercadoLibre/MercadoLivre (many countries supported)

🔸 For Korean users: Naver (네이버), Nate (네이트) and Daum (다음)

🔸 For Russian users: Yandex (Яндекс)

✅ Switch between

with one click.

, direct from the relevant websites. Tap them repeatedly to refine your search.

✅ It's faster than doing a search in the web browser.

for the on-screen keyboard, for faster typing.

: View your complete history and delete individual items.

✅ Quick Search is fast, lightweight and easy-to-use. The search results open


✅ Add multiple Widgets to your Home Screen, and customize each one as you want.

✅ Voice Search.

✅ It's an "Assist app", so you can open the app from anywhere, by

. See


are supported. You can easily change the language/country settings within the app, and the Search Engines will adapt.

🔹 Weather Forecast: Postal-code/zip code searches work for cities in USA, France, UK, Germany and Italy.

🔹 No intrusive permissions or background services are used, and it's fast to startup.

🔹 Quick Search requires 2 permissions:

- To retrieve search suggestions from the selected website.

- To detect Wi-Fi and provide the best performance.

The app is localized to 14 different languages. But the Search Engines work in virtually all global languages.

Note: Install to SD Card is not allowed on this app, because it stops the Widgets working properly.

Email your comments and suggestions to Ozmium.

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